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Andy Bunn

I was born and brought up in the town of Scunthorpe, a steel town in the north of England . A pleasant and prosperous town to spend my formative years. This changed during the 80s with the closure of some of the steelworks resulting in high unemployment levels.
In the early 90s I left and moved to Argyll with my young family before moving to Caithness. I now live in Wick with my wife and two cocker spaniels.

Environmental concerns have always been important to me and while in Argyll I volunteered on a woodland regeneration project and discovered green woodworking. This was a bit of an epiphany and my woodworking has developed from these techniques.Green woodworking is an ancient form of woodworking that developed from and along with a type of sustainable forest management known as coppice. This is where an area of broadleaf trees are felled in the winter and the timber is worked on site by the green woodworkers. The woodland is then left to regenerate for a number of years depending on tree species and use of the timber. Green woodworking is where the wood is worked while it is still wet before it has dried and seasoned. While green it is easier to cut and shape but will also move and contract in certain ways while it dries.

I make furniture, bowls and sculptural objects out of local hardwoods, my inspiration comes from the wood itself and I am always looking out for unusual pieces of timber. This is where Caithness comes into its own, the wood here is already shaped and sculpted by the harsh environment of the far north and the uninterrupted north wind. I use a number of techniques. I cleave wood along the grain to use the natural shapes within. I carve with chainsaw, arbortech, axes and chisels to achieve different forms.
I have a workshop in the garden of my house which I built when we first moved in and am often to be found there making sawdust. I sell my work in local shops and galleries and attend craft and art fairs, local and national.

Artist Resources

This is our new resource page for artists. We hope to include useful information about exhibiting and selling work and any other information that artists may find helpful.

We have included a guide to writing an artists statement and a bio as one or both of these are often required in order to exhibit.

We have also included the framing and hanging guidelines for our annual exhibition and will include further guidelines for this in due course.